Does your dog constantly scratch or rub his or her ears?

Cleaning gently with THORNIT EAR POWDER may help (especially dogs who hate ear drop cleaners)

If your dog is has smelly or itchy ears - Try THORNIT EAR POWDER.
Many customers have told us that they have used THORNIT and dogs love having their ears cleaned this way

EASY TO APPLY - no discomfort for your dog

  • A small amount amount of powder is used each time
  • Bottles come with easy to use guide
  • The best way we have found is to use a small makeup or artist brush
  • Pour some powder in the bottle lid and dip brush into this to pick up some powder
  • Gently brush around the ear hole and powder will stay on, put the flap back and give a gentle massage
  • That's all it takes - job done. Happy dog. Over the years, many customers have reported that cleaning this way has shown that irritation can often reduce quickly, but we suggest cleaning for 1-5 days is best.
  • Only takes a few seconds and dogs love getting a gentle massage


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We sell the only genuine THORNIT as produced by the Bett family in rural UK for decades.

THORNIT is a formulation invented in 1907 by a Mr. Watchman, an Australian vet using a simple mixture which may lessen any irritation your dog may have. This formula was discovered and brought across to UK by Miss Bett and has stayed in the family since 1930s. Whilst many claim to know this formulation, it is a secret known only to the Bett family and has been handed down the generations.

Who uses THORNIT?

Mostly pet owners and is used by dog groomers, breeders and kennels

Other major users are the dog showing community. They and groomers use a special technique which allows them to pluck stray hairs from their show dog. Ask your groomer if you wish to do this.

We sell globally and have vets in France, Sweden and Australia who use THORNIT quite happily.

Where can I get THORNIT?

No matter where you live in the world, easiest way is to buy from our online shop. We are used to sending out to places as far as North Norway to Tasmania, Australia in the south.

THORNIT EAR POWDER have been selling THORNIT for 15 years and over the years have helped around a quarter of a million owners and their pets.
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